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What is UIPM Obstacle?

Obstacle is a brand new feature of our sports portfolio and will soon be unveiled as a discipline of Modern Pentathlon and a standalone UIPM Sport.

Obstacle was formally integrated into Modern Pentathlon by the 72nd UIPM Congress in November 2022, having been selected by the New 5th Discipline Working Group as the most suitable replacement for Riding after the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The sport was the overwhelming favourite of more than 60 proposed to propel Modern Pentathlon into a new era and make it one of the most exciting, accessible and popular sports in the Olympic movement.

The term ‘Obstacle’ encompasses various types of obstacle racing across the categories of Ninja, OCR and Adventure Racing.

What is UIPM Laser Run ?

The Laser Run is the most exciting creation of UIPM, coming from the combined event and launched in 2015 as a stand-alone as the last part of full Modern Pentathlon competition. Athletes of all ages from 7 to 80 can participate and the event can be hosted in the most iconic locations no matter where they are.

Laser Run combines Running and Shooting in fast-paced and dynamic races including rounds of laser pistol shooting from 5 to 10 meters distance and running laps from 300m to 600m. Athletes have to hit in the green a target 5 times before they can run.